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Infamous Designs & Concepts is all about being creative, and helping you achieve a better and more unique product.

Wear & Tearables

Custom gadgets or original merchandising? Look no further, we hate mainstream and love to create touchables with an attitude.


Why settle for less, if you can have more? Edgy designs, personal approach. Stand out, dare to be different!

Booze & Food

A bright - new - idea, but lost on how to get started? We can create, support and market your ideas in both online and offline markets.

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The Flanders-based brand Infamous D&C was founded in 2017 by two good friends with a mission to build a brand, expand their creativity and share their hearty lifestyle. From booze to bikes, gourmet food to wearables, Infamous D&C creates custom-made products and provides private label services.


Infamous Designs & Concepts

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Infamous N°01 Premium Spiced Rum - By IDC

Infamous N°01 Premium Spiced Rum - Perfect Serve

Infamous N°01 Premium Spiced Rum

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2017-04-13 12:00:07  in release

Alas! Our first batch of the Infamous N° 01 Premium Spiced Rum bottles has sold out completely. Stake your claim to a bottle of your own by pre-ordering now.

Pre-order now!


2017-03-10 18:43:14  in custom product,Infamous N°01

We are proud and excited that after lots of intense research, refinement and tasting, we can finally release our Infamous N°01 Premium Spiced Rum.

This unique blend - aged for up to 8 years - from Barbados and Trinidad is a deliciously decadent treat. Enhanced with premium spices: a hint of vanilla and cinnamon, a touch of orange, a blend of coffee and cacao, and other secret ingredients. No other rum spans such a spectrum of exotic flavours. A must-have experience for your taste buds!

Be Infamous. Drink Responsibly.

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